Creative Movement
In this class we do the brain dance, play dance games with friends to build positive relationships, and develop gross motor skills and coordination.
Higher levels include preperation for ballet and contemporary dance techniques
Dance For Boys
We cover several styles within this class as well as improvisation. Currently we are focusing on strength building; floor work; and transitioning of weight, tossing ourselves around the room and rising from the floor in only seconds.
Contemporary Modern Dance
A Blend of Horton, Graham, Limon, Release and contemporary dance styles as well as improvisation and partnering. Choreography is based around educational themes and storylines.
Higher Levels give the dancers a strong understanding of these codified techniques preparing them for professional programs and college programs.
This is a Vaganava ballet class where students study traditional ballet technique that is developmentally appropriate for their age: learning proper alignment, building strength and sequencing of steps in a joyful environment.
Higher levels infuse Pointe technique in the classes and dancers learn professional variations of the pros.
Pointe Strengthening
Dancers learn the fundamentals, proper placement and develop strength to be successful pointe dancers. They go through traditional pointe exercises at the barre and across the floor.
Musical Theatre
A chance to learn acting, voice, set design and dance with various teachers in each discipline working towards a musical theatre performance.
Performance Based Hip Hop
This will be the style of hip hop we see on award shows,  music videos, concerts etc. This class is to prepare the dancer who has hopes and dreams to make it in the dance industry. We learn how to pick up choreography at a fast efficient pace, adapt to different styles of dance, and get ready for auditions.
Performance Class
For advanced students by invitation or audition only. This is a Coleman Dance Company class for dancers who have earned their placement in the company with exemplary attendance, character, strength, grace, artistry, and musicality.
Ballet For Adults
This is an open-level, drop-in class that is engaging and challenging; championing artistry, expressions, and a healthy lifestyle. Offered for both the beginner, the working professional, and all dancers in-between.
Fitness For Adults
This is a pilates and yoga-based exercise, strengthen, and stretch class. People have reported that with this exercise class they have higher energy levels, greater flexibility, and feel better about themselves and their bodies.

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