"The Coleman School of Dance is awesome! The dance teachers are very caring, supportive, and helpful. The Coleman School places a strong emphasis on proper technique, as well as encouraging creativity and maintaining a healthy attitude towards dance. The teen dance company is a great way to explore the more professional side of dance; the intensive schedule and participation in shows is a comprehensive look into the dance world. In addition, the end of the year show in June is always put on beautifully, and it is a lot of fun for families and students alike!"

--Maddy Lawder, Alumna

"Being with the Coleman School of Dance has been one of the most life-­‐changing experiences. This year has been so amazing with learning professional dance variations, having classes with professional dancers, traveling to Vermont, and so such more! Not only are you able to develop yourself as a dancer, but you also develop other important skills such as communication, responsibility, and maturity. In the company, you are able to create such great relationships with others and have a greater sense of self-­expression through dance. With learning how to express ourselves, we also have the ability to control our expressions and use it to tell stories regarding serious and powerful topics."

--Ariana, Student, Coleman Teen Dance Company

"Being in the Coleman School of Dance is one of the things I am most thankful for. Expressing thoughts and emotions through dance and stretching myself to the best of my ability has been so much fun. I look forward to it every week, and it’s one of my favorite things. The teachers and students are so kind and helpful, and such great dancers. This dance school has taught me so much, and gave me so many great memories."

--Nola, Student, Coleman Junior Company

“The smile that I see on my daughter’s face when she dances is the greatest gift a parent could ask for. The pure joy that it brings her, the ability to express herself freely, and the intellectual manner in which she approaches it are just a few of the benefits dance provides her. The ability to continue to connect to these things via dance during this time will only help her cope, and hopefully bring some beautiful dance to other.

--Beth, Parent

“In this time of uncertainty, virtual dance connects us to our wonderful community and provides a bit of structure to our day, but most importantly allows my daughter a creative outlet to help process some of her feelings and emotions.”

--Yadira, Parent

I think virtual classes are great! They are a really good distraction and change of pace! I can improve technique from the comfort of my home. Dance is a really good way to de-stress!

--Jazmin, Student, Beginning Adult Ballet

“The Coleman School of Dance has truly impacted not only its students but the New Rochelle community as well. Here at CTDC we are offered so many character -shaping opportunities that we otherwise would not have been able to experience. I started out as a young beginner and over a course of a few years I was moving on to performing at various locations such as Lincoln Center and the Vermont State Dance Festival. But the Coleman School of Dance is more than just a space for creativity and movement. It is a family; a platform where endless bonds and connections are made. I enrolled at the Coleman School of Dance after moving to New York in 2013 and met my first friends in New Rochelle at a ballet class after school led by Ms. Jenny. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. The past seven years here have truly been wonderful and I look forward to many more adventures.”

--Rebecca, Student, Coleman Teen Dance Company

“Being at the Coleman School of Dance is a huge part of my life. It’s like my second home. I’ve known everyone here for pretty much my entire life and they’ve become my family."

--Peyton Student, Coleman Teen Dance Company

“To be in one of Christina’s dances it feels like an author reading their story to a young class. Every movement is clearly depicted, unique and has a reason for being performed."

--Sophia Procario-Foley, Alumna


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